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Sculptures in Jaipur

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Sculptures in jaipur


10 AM TO 9 PM

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Khajane Walon Ka Rasta, Amer Road, Sanganer

Amongst the heritage arts of Jaipur, the sculptures in Jaipur have their unique value. Literally, the word sculpture stands for creating statues with stone. There are thousands of shops in Jaipur selling best quality statues of various gods and goddesses, flowers, monuments and others.


Marble is the highest used stones for creating sculptures in Jaipur . This stone is bought from Makrana, a town located some kilometres from Jaipur. This stone is the same element which was used to create the world famous Taj Mahal of Agra. The art of sculptures is very ancient in Jaipur and you can easily find thousands of statues placed in the palaces of erstwhile rulers of Jaipur. Today, these statues are placed in various museums.


This art is done by the expert hands of artisans. They work hard to shape-up the stones to create them in form of statues, flowers and popular buildings. The industry of sculptures in Jaipur is very popular and it runs homes of thousands of people. Also, the sculptures created by these artisans are very popular in India and other countries of the world. Jaipur is the leading destination of sculptures. Millions of tourists visit this city and buys these sculptures as souvenirs.


Apart from created sculptures in form of statues and monuments, there are many different objects that you can find in sculptures in Jaipur . You can find tables, beds, baby-beds and other household items made of pure marbles. A sophisticated process is used to create the most astonishing art in the entire world. This process includes severe steps such as:


Preparing Models:

Before creating the final product, a model of sand is created. This model is created as per the picture of specifications.


Cutting the Statues:

After creating the model, a similar shape is given to the stone. Two tools are used for this process, namely chhani and hammer. After giving the stone a preliminary touch, special drilling is done to give the statues a final touch.



After giving the desired shape, a final polishing is done on the patterns to make them smoother and shiny.



If required, painting is done on the patterns. Painting is more required on the idols and statues. The artisans of Sculptures in Jaipur use some popular colours for the idols. You may ask them to paint them as per your choice.


The entire process is carried out by expert artisans. With their expert hands, these artisans are capable of giving a life to stone pieces. After viewing the final product, you will not be able to believe that it is the same marble piece you have seen just a few minutes ago.


Every single year, millions of sculptures are exported to other countries. Also, millions of tourists purchase them during their visit to Jaipur. Due to their sophistication and beauty, sculptures in Jaipur are globally popular. If you are visiting Jaipur, it is a must that you purchase some awesome sculpture pieces and take them with you. It will be the best memories you might have collected ever.

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