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Chool Giri Parasnath Mandir

God Lovers, Experience Seekers

chulgiri jain mandir jaipur

8 AM to 5 PM Daily
 Visit Duration
1 to 2 Hours

Jaipur is the capital of the royalty, head office of purity of customs and tradition of the Rajasthan. Jaipur does not only deserve for the great monuments and fort but furthermore renowned an appellation with the various culture which engage the radiant and ravishing sanctuary in the locality. One such symbol prevailing the diversified religious heritage of Jaipur is choolgiri Jain temple surmounted on the Aravalli hill of Jaipur- Agra road.



Year 1953 deserves as the origination of the Jain temple on of Aravalli hill. Jain Acharya Shri Desh Bhoosan ji Maharaj chooses the Aravalli hills for construction the Jain temple and entitled the hills as ‘choolgiri'. Building the Jain temple in the Aravalli high grounds was the greatest challenge in front of Jain Acharya Ji, but as they say, there is no anything which can be undone if the essence is true.



The incredulity of the temple showed up the in the year 1966 with 7 feet high statue of the white stone of Lord Parshvnath which designed a history in the pages of the state of Rajasthan. The second in the list of hysteria marble was the number of Lord Mahaveer Swani and Lord Neminath constructed of the white stone pursued by Chaubisi and Jain Yantras. Throughout the transformation round the statue of the Lord Parshvnath, one can observe the figurine of twenty four Tirthankars and four idols of the holy feet of Lord Parshvnath.


Remember that climate status of the town, a little water tank is made accessible to collect the rain water utilized in the worship and ablution method the deities towards the Lord. During the Panch Kalyanak festival, which was organized on May 1982, a marvelous figurine of Lord Mahaveer Swami was founded with the height of 21 feet in the gigantic locality of 75 by 65 feet.


In a cave of the hill of 40 by 40 feet on the choolgiri hill, the numbers of twenty four Tirthankars were made possible of size assessing 2.25 feet. The entire gallery in the cave was made by a completely white marble pebble. The gallery constitutes the icons of Lord Aadinath, Lord Bharat, Lord Bahubali and goddess Jwalamalini and Chakreshwari in the middle of the distinct hall.


The roof top of this Jain temple is hold by the huge Jain Yantra of four feet imprinted on a copper plate of 40 kg. The Jain yantra contained in the six thousand 5 century sixty one pillars, vowels, consonants, mantras, sawastik emblems pursued by some other holy emblems. In the year 2002 April, a couple of figurines of Jain Tirthankars were created by the embarrassment of precious and semi- precious pebbles.


The choolgiri Jain temple has acquired a purity of Jain belief involving such spectacular and speechless art work. The idols, scriptures, figures and figurines which are the part of this temple has accomplished a amazing and unforgettable space in every deities and consider themselves as fortuitous to be the part of the identical custom.

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