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Holi Festival

16 March 2014, 5 March 2015, Mid March..

holi elephant festival


Chaugan Stadium / Rambagh Polo Ground, Jaipur

4 PM to 7 PM

India is a country full of colors. The diversified culture of the land makes it popular among tourists. Most of the people in India are deeply associated with the rituals of Hinduism and other religion. Holi is one of the most popular festival in India. In Jaipur, this event in general, being celebrated in glamorous and gorgeous manner. Here are some information about the Holi (Elephant) festival in Jaipur:


This festival in general cases takes place in the month of March every year. Besides this festival is the most preferable weather to visit this part of the country. The weather mostly remains soothing during this time period. A huge stage has been made on Rambagh Polo Grounds during the festival and various cultural groups' not only different part of the state, but country get together to be a part of this international event. Numerous folk music and dance troupes perform in this event the day before the main festival. In spite of the presence of various cultural groups the attraction of the events remains with the performances by the elephants. The elephants are the symbol of the majesty of Rajputana.


One can find number of colorful shops around the city full of various type of colors. There are many types of organic colors, fragrance, colors and many more. Due to presence of number of foreign nationals during the event the landscape of city changes completely. The security of the city increases during this event. The full night moon in the day of the event is another attraction among the tourists and especially to those who are involved with photography.


Holi is a festival which is the expression of emotions related to the season spring. Most of the young people are involved in this event in a remarkable fashion. Not only from various places within the state, but the number of students and young people taken part in this event in Jaipur. The entry to the festival ground is free. The festival starts from the early morning and continuous till the late night. One can be involved in this festival, but they must be sure about the color selection. Number of handicraft shops is visible in different part of the city during this festival. The state tourism board has taken in an initiative to promote the event at the global stage and the number of advertisements is visible in Indian and many foreign channels about this festival. Although the festival only takes place in a single day, but there are many regional and national tourism agencies offer packages which cover the golden triangle to tourist during this season. Due to the higher number of tourist traffic in this part of the country in this season, one must book their tickets in advanced.


These are some basic information about the Holi (Elephant) festival in Jaipur but one must visit the nearby location while visiting this location because the state of Rajasthan is one of the richest and popular destinations on the tourism map of India.

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