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Jaipur Literature Festival

17 to 21 Jan 2014, 21 to 25 Jan 2015, 15 to 19 Jan 2016, Mid Jan..

jaipur literature festival


Diggi Palace Jaipur

11 AM to 6 PM Daily

India is one of the most popular destinations when it comes to literature and discussion related to it. Many people of this country have contributed ample amount to the world literature to celebrate the passion of the people of the country, there are number of literature festivals are celebrated throughout the country. The Jaipur Literature Festival is one of such festival or to be précised Jaipur Literature Festival Is the most prominent name among all of them. Every year the festival takes place in the end of January in Jaipur. The festival is being held in Jaipur since 2006 with the co-operation of one of those most prominent names in the industry.


Here is some information related to the Jaipur Literature Festival :

The festival duration is in general cases 5 days and many authors, a prominent journalist, academician takes part in this festival and the gallery is always open to all. The main sponsor of this event this year was ZEE and the festival covered a huge range of topics on various issues, including politics, education, and various subjects such as mathematics, philosophy, economics and many more. Not only in this year there are many people from many fields has been a part of this festival since the beginning. Amartya Sen was the most prominent name among them all in this year's list. The Nobel laureate economist started the festival with an informative and educational conversation at the very fast day of the festival. During the festival one of the prominent speakers of last year's festival was Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Shashi Tharoor, Kancha Ilaiah and many more. This festival is not only a platform for renowned people from various field, but at the same time a great platform for students to exchange their views with students of various part of the country. There are a number of students from various prestigious institution takes part in this festival to attain the discussion and to take part in these. Like every year the festival organizing committee arranges a huge scope of interaction with the prominent literary icons and authors around the world.


Not only theoretical discussions, but this platform is well known for promoting various Indian talents in front of the world. Many young artists take place in this cultural hub to perform in front of the world audience and to promote their talent to them. The state tourism board has collaborated on various issues with the festival organizing committee to execute the festival without any problem. The festival is being held in various part of the city and even some time in a same place with different location to provide opportunities for more speakers. The videos of previous festival are available on the official website of the Jaipur Literature Festival organizing committee and in YouTube at the same time.


The traffic of tourists is higher than any other time in this region during the Jaipur Literature Festival, one must book tickets in advanced to ensure their place in this festival of joy in Jaipur.

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