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Jantar Mantar Jaipur

Wanderers, History Buffs, Photography

jal mahal jaipur

 Entry Fee
350 Rs. for Foreigners / 75 Rs. Indian (Includes entry to Amber Palace, Jantar-Mantar, Hawa-Mahal, Nahargarh & Albert Hall & Valid for two days)
8 AM to 5 PM Daily
 Visit Duration
30 to 45 Minutes

Jaipur, the cultural hub of Rajasthan, is one of the important tourist destinations of India. When we talk about all hottest attractions of pink city, Jantar Mantar can prove to be an interesting one.


The history of Jantar Mantar:

The king of Jaipur Maharaja Jai Singh II was known as a smart king who had believed in the astronomy. Between the year of 1727 and 1734, he created an observatory in the western central regions of India, and Jaipur was one of them. This great structure was named as “Jantar mantra”. The name Jantar mantar means the calculation instrument. This great monument consists of fourteen geometric devices which are able to measure time, predict eclipse, track stars with the location of earth orbiting around the sun, decline of planets and determining the celestial altitudes.


Jantar Mantar also popular as sundial, this biggest instrument is plotted to predict the time of the day. With the perfect angle towards the latitude of Jaipur, people can easily concentrate and also predict the time. The Sundial is the biggest instrument ever to predict the time which stand twenty seven metres tall. On peak of that the Hindu Chattri also known as Small Cupola which is an instrument to predict the eclipse and the arrivals of the monsoons. Ram yantra is also instrument that is an example of brilliant architectural designs and its relation to function. Others instrument are JayaPrakash, The yantra and many more.

Jantar mantar is the ideal fusion of the astronomical intelligence in all over the world with the distinctive heritage of Rajasthan. On one side, if the instruments represent the astronomical predictions then on the other side, the similar marble made instrument honours the heritage of the state. Jantar mantar is one in the list of pride of Rajasthan.


The most important instruments (yantras) among the collection are:

•  Brihat Samrat, it is possibly the largest gnomon-sundial ever built. With a gnomon arm 22.6m high and two lateral quadrants of radius 15.15m, it can measure      very efficiently the local time to an accuracy of 2 seconds.

•  Sasthamsa is also an important instrument which has four large meridian dials inside two high black chambers.

•  Jai Prakash is also known as highly innovative sundial created of two hemispherical bowls which produce an inverse picture of the sky and enable the visitors      to move freely around inside to take readings.

•  Great Ram is an exceptional, and possibly unique, double-cylinder instrument to record the azimuth of celestial bodies;

•  Raj which is also an instrument that comprises a bronze astrolabe 2.43m in diameter, possibly the world's largest diameter in the world.

•  Kapala is able to record the co-ordinates of celestial bodies in both the azimuth-altitude and equatorial systems, and allows get a direct visual transformation      of the co-ordinates of any point in the sky between the two systems;

•  Rasivalaya is a unique group of 12 gnomon-dials to measure the ecliptic co-ordinates of celestial objects, each becoming operative when a different one of      the 12 zodiacal constellations straddles the meridian.

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