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Shila Devi Temple

God Lovers, Experience Seekers

shila devi temple amer


6 AM to 12 Noon (Morning)

4 PM to 08 PM (Evening)

 Visit Duration
1 Hour

The famous Shila Devi temple which is a fantastic example of 16 th century architecture is in the Amber fort of Jaipur. Goddess Kali is worshipped here. The Navaratri festival is splendidly fêted in this temple. Millions of followers come from across the world during the Navratri festival at Shila Devi temple in Jaipur.


The History of Shila Devi Temple:

The deity in Shila Devi Temple, in the Amber fort of Jaipur is that of Goddess Kali. The mother goddess is an embodiment of “the powerful mother” called “Shakti”. Here the idol of Maa Kali is made of stone which means shila (stone) in Hindi. Her neck is slanted sideways. There is a myth behind her slanted figurine. It is said that in those days human sacrifices were made to please the goddess and offered to her as “bhog”. Later on, as the oblations of human being were officially restricted, thereafter, oblation of buffalo took place and offered to her as “bhog”. That was also clogged due to some reasons and instead rams and lambs were sacrificed on special occasions. Later the entire process was stopped for non violence movements. The myths say that Maa Kali got infuriated and slanted her neck as a sign of anger and refusal of vegetarian Bhog.


Maharaja Man Singh was an ardent devotee of shakti cult and invoked the blessings of goddess Kaali during war. It is said that this shrine was brought by the maharaja from the eastern part of Bengal during the end of 16th century A.D. While in a fight with the ruler Kedar the maharaja met with failure for the 1st time. So he worshipped the goddess to bless him with victory. The present stone image of the deity was submerged in the sea in the outward appearance of a slab. It was taken out and by the maharaja and he started worshipping the idol in the name “Shila Devi”.


According to some other sources the ruler from Bengal, Kedar married his daughter to Man Singh after he was defeated by him. The temple belongs to sect of the shakti or power worship. In Hinduism, there is an idea of the final, non-manifested, supreme form of God. Once he wished to turn out to be “Many” out of “One”. Therefore he appeared in the appearance of Shiva. Lord Shiva is Purush Tatva incarnate, a celestial masculine origin of the visible universe. Shakti is a complement of that masculine power in the form of a divine feminine supremacy called Prakriti. It is believed together these two omnipotent supreme powers have created this tinsel universe. This is the reason why shakti is regarded as the mother of the universe. Shakti means a sacred force; a primordial cosmic energy represents the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe. Shakti, the Mother of All, hence Supreme Being- a source of cosmic kinetic energy because of which this illusionary phenomenal world has motion.

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